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 Established at #129-10 in Shinwol-1Dong, Yangchun-Ku, Seoul, Korea
 Developed and started to supply J0X series for MOTOROLA


 Developed Washable type transducers


 Developed Reflowable type transducers(8.5x8.5x4.0 ; 3 pads)

   Certified ISO 9002

 Developed Micro Speaker / Dynamic Receiver


 Certified ISO 9001 (EQAICC-Q-R2008)


 Supplied Dynamic Receiver, Micro Speaker for Taiwan DB Tel
 / China Konka / Ningbo-bird / Soutec


 Set up the factory in Qingdao China


 Magnetic Buzzer & Speaker unit Production Line Set-up and
 Mass Production in Qingdao China


 Developed Ø25 Magnetic Buzzer for Hyundai Motors

   Developed Loudspeaker for automobile
   Certified ISO 14001 : 2004 EMS
   Succeed in Hyundai Motors Audit
   Certified ISO / TS16949 QMS

 Succeed in Siemens VDO Audit


 Succeed in Magneti Marelli Audit


 Moved to 116 Cuiyuanlu Xifuzhen Chengyangqu Qingdaoshi China


 Certified ISO / TS16949 QMS


 Moved to 91, Garogongwon-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea 158-823


 Established R&D center


 Succeed in JCI Audit


 Succeed in Denso Korea Electronics Audit


 Succeed in Nippon Seiki Audit